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Frequently Asked Questions
What information is needed to select an electric actuator?
Essential information includes voltage, stroke, mounting distance, thrust, noise level, cycle rate, and operating environment. Refer to our application checklist for a comprehensive data collection guide.
What is the difference between an Electric Actuator and an Hydraulic Actuator?
Hydraulic actuators use fluid for movement, while electric actuators employ a DC motor to drive a screw, converting rotary motion into linear motion.
What type of mounting do the Linear Actuators have?
Basic mounting types include:
  • Dual-pivot mounting method
  • Rod style electric linear actuators
  • Trunnion linear actuators
Linear Actuator for Diverse Applications
Custom Actuators

RunGuan is dedicated to delivering a diverse array of high-quality electric linear actuators, economically priced to fit a variety of applications. Our range of actuators range has the right models and features for many applications right off the shelf.

Why RunGuan is Your Best Choice for Custom Actuators
    1. Unparalleled Expertise
    2. Unparalleled Expertise
    1. Tailored Solutions
    2. Tailored Solutions
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    2. Exceptional Quality
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    2. Advanced Technology
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    2. Cost-Effectiveness