Frequently Asked Questions
What are the Applications of Electric Linear Actuators?
Electric linear actuators are widely used in home, medical care, and industrial sectors, for products such as electric beds, surgical tables, treatment chairs, oil equipment, sanitation vehicles, logistics forklifts, etc. The choice of actuator largely depends on the specific requirements of the industry.
What to Consider Before Purchasing Linear Actuators?
Before deciding on a specific type of actuator, several parameters need consideration, such as the force, speed, and weight required for pushing or pulling by the actuator, to make sure you get the best for your needs.
Customized Actuators

At RunGuan, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of economical electric linear actuators. Our extensive selection includes various models and functionalities, we are thus able for providing ready-made mechanical drive solutions for most customers.

If you need a custom-designed actuator for specific requirements, we're ready to help. Get in touch for personalized actuator solutions.

Linear Actuator for Diverse Applications
    1. Home Automation
    2. Home Automation RunGuan offers smooth and quiet electric linear actuators for home automation systems, including furniture and kitchen applications.
    1. Solar Shading
    2. Solar Shading RunGuan's electric linear actuators offer efficient solutions for solar shading applications, our customizable actuators are designed for optimal performance in adjusting pergolas and louvers.
    1. Medical & Healthcare
    2. Medical & Healthcare In recent years, the rapid development of nursing homes and medical facilities has led to significant improvements in elderly care systems.
    1. Industrial Automation
    2. Industrial Automation RunGuan's electric linear actuators revolutionize industrial automation with high precision and force, offering smooth, intelligent operation for enhanced efficiency and reliability.