About Company
Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?
We are manufacturer, and we warmly welcome customers to visit our factory.
Do you test all your products before delivery?
Yes, every product undergoes rigorous testing before dispatch.
How can I ensure the product quality and packaging meet my requirements?
We conduct thorough testing of each product before dispatch and will send you photos for packaging confirmation.
Where is your loading port?
Our primary loading port is Ningbo Port, but we can accommodate customer requests.
What is the lead time for mass production?
Lead times vary based on order quantity and the season of your order.
How do I order an electric linear actuator?
As our electric linear actuators are customized, please confirm parameters such as voltage, stroke, load, speed, and size with our sales team before placing an order.
About Products
Our electric actuators offer configurable stroke lengths tailored to your machine design. The maximum length varies based on the actuator series and specific application.
We provide numerous standard motor mounts for various manufacturers and offer custom mounting options for motors not readily available.
Continuously driving electric actuators to their stroke end can shorten their lifespan and cause early failures. Incorporating overstroke prevents contact with internal stops and bumpers, ensuring smooth operation. We recommend adding an extra 2 inches of "overstroke" for installation and adjustment flexibility.
Essential information includes voltage, stroke, mounting distance, thrust, noise level, cycle rate, and operating environment. Refer to our application checklist for a comprehensive data collection guide.
  • Gather application-specific parameters.
  • Identify suitable product series.
  • Utilize our online selection software for the best fit.
Linear actuators can operate on both AC and DC power, with control options ranging from switches and potentiometers to programmable controllers. Some models also feature sensors for position, speed, and force feedbacks.
Our linear actuators are capable of both pushing and pulling, with custom models available for specific needs.
They offer precise control over motion, customizable speeds, stroke lengths, and applied forces, and are quieter than pneumatic and hydraulic alternatives.
The thrust or pull force of our linear actuators ranges from 20N to 6000N, accommodating a wide array of industrial requirements.
A lifting column is a configuration of multiple electric actuators connected in parallel to provide adjustable lifting power for heavy objects in industrial settings.
Electric actuators are easier to install and integrate into control systems compared to hydraulic and pneumatic systems. They offer significant thrust and are more maintenance-friendly.
Hydraulic actuators use fluid for movement, while electric actuators employ a DC motor to drive a screw, converting rotary motion into linear motion.
Basic mounting types include:
  • Dual-pivot mounting method
  • Rod style electric linear actuators
  • Trunnion linear actuators
More about RunGuan
    1. Company Profile RunGuan's electric linear actuators serve a broad spectrum of industries, including smart homes, medical care, industrial automation, etc. We maintain a large inventory of linear actuators and are committed to developing new models to suit various applications ...
    1. certificates
    2. Certificates RunGuan has obtained certifications such as ISO9001, European Union CE, ROHS, product waterproof rating, UL, ETL, as well as patent certificates.
    1. factory
    2. Factory Tour RunGuan, committed to top-tier quality, selects materials meticulously. Our facility houses hundreds of high-precision devices and multiple automated production lines, enabling us to blend large-scale production with flexible customization.
    1. FAQ
    2. FAQ Q:Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?
      How can I ensure the product quality and packaging meet my requirements?
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Tailored solutions are at the heart of what we do. Should our extensive range of actuators not meet your specifications, do not hesitate to contact us to consult with our experts. We are equipped to design and manufacture electric linear actuators that align precisely with your requirements

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