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Specialized Linear Motion Design

At RunGuan, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of economical electric linear actuators. Our extensive selection includes various models and functionalities, we are thus able for providing ready-made mechanical drive solutions for most customers.

However, we recognize that some projects require special modifications and configurations of electric actuators. Consider our existing product models as a starting point, many of our products can be easily modified to meet specific requirements. We can create entirely custom designs tailored to your budget and application needs as well.

Types of Modifications We Can Make to Create Your Custom Linear Actuator



12V/24V/36V/48V (for unconventional voltages, please consult customer service)



50mm /100mm /150mm /200mm /250mm /300mm /400mm /500mm, etc. (stroke length is customizable, please consult customer service)



For example, a speed of 25mm/s corresponds to a thrust of 100N. The load during extension should not exceed 100N, and the speed and thrust are not adjustable post-manufacture.

Speed (MM/S) 4 8 16 25
Load (N) 1000 600 300 100
Self-locking force (N) 1000 600 300 100

Why RunGuan is Your Best Choice for Custom Actuators:

Unparalleled Expertise

With years of industry, our understanding of electric linear actuators is not just theoretical but practical: tried, tested, and validated. Our team combines expertise with cutting-edge engineering skills to provide top-tier custom actuators tailored to your needs.

Tailored Solutions

We understand that one size does not fit all, which is why we emphasize customization. From load capacity to stroke and speed, our custom actuators are designed to precisely meet your project requirements.

Exceptional Quality

We place a high value on quality, this is our commitment. Our custom actuators undergo rigorous testing and quality control checks, including SGS testing, 100% factory inspection, and CE certification, to ensure longevity, durability, and reliability.

Advanced Technology

We aim not just to keep up with the latest technological advancements, but to be the pioneer in this field. Our linear actuators utilize the latest innovative technologies, offering efficient and advanced solutions.


RunGuan is based in Ningbo, China, where we have a complete industrial chain from raw material procurement to final product manufacturing, this results in lower material costs; coupled with lower labor costs in China, our products come with competitive prices.

Responsive Support

Our relationship does not end with product delivery. We take pride in our after-sales support, we ensure smooth operation of your custom actuator at every step.

Global Recognition

Trust is built, not given, and over the years we have built it. Our clientele spans continents, proving our strength in the field of custom linear actuators.

When you choose RunGuan, you are not just selecting a product; you are choosing excellence, precision, and a firm commitment to the success of your project. RunGuan is not just another name in the market-it is a name you can trust to meet all your custom actuator needs.

Questions About Custom Actuators
What are Custom Actuators?
Our custom actuators are designed to meet the specific requirements of your application. A custom actuator can be either a completely unique design or a modified version of our off-the-shelf products, meeting your requirements for force, speed, stroke, and other requirements. This ensures the actuators integrate perfectly into your specialized application.
How do Custom Linear Actuators Differ in Quality and Reliability from Regular Actuators?
Custom linear actuators are manufactured to the same high standards of quality and reliability as our other products. The main difference lies in the design and specifications. Tailoring actuators to specific product requirements simplifies the design process for customers, this frees up resources in their business to focus on other aspects of product development.
How Long Does It Typically Take to Produce a Custom Actuator?
The production time for a custom actuator depends on the complexity of the design, the required specifications, and the manufacturer's current workload. While some customizations may only require minor modifications and take just a few days or weeks, others may need extensive design and testing, taking months to complete.
Linear Actuator for Diverse Applications
    1. Home Automation
    2. Home Automation
      Linear Actuators for Home Automation
      RunGuan offers smooth and quiet electric linear actuators for home automation systems, including furniture and kitchen applications.
    1. Solar Shading
    2. Solar Shading
      Linear Actuators for Solar Shading
      RunGuan's electric linear actuators offer efficient solutions for solar shading applications, our customizable actuators are designed for optimal performance in adjusting pergolas and louvers.
    1. Medical & Healthcare
    2. Medical & Healthcare
      Linear Actuators for Medical & Healthcare
      In recent years, the rapid development of nursing homes and medical facilities has led to significant improvements in elderly care systems.
    1. Industrial Automation
    2. Industrial Automation
      Linear Actuators for Industrial Automation
      RunGuan's electric linear actuators revolutionize industrial automation with high precision and force, offering smooth, intelligent operation for enhanced efficiency and reliability.
Need Help Finding the Right Actuator?

Tailored solutions are at the heart of what we do. Should our extensive range of actuators not meet your specifications, do not hesitate to contact us to consult with our experts. We are equipped to design and manufacture electric linear actuators that align precisely with your requirements

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